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Bilderserie | Verlassener Militärstützpunkt in Tschukotka

Verfasst: Sonntag 20. Juli 2014, 15:15
von _RGP_
Interessante Bilder:

>> Once A Super Secret Russian City Fully Abandoned Today <<
Post-Soviet countries are full of abandoned military places, but Gudym or secret base Anadyr-1, must be the coolest among them all. Geographically it’s the closest to the USA and for obvious reasons it had enough missiles to fully destroy Alaska, Washington state, California and part of South Dakota. Probably similar bases existed on the American side. Unfortunately, what was previously a super secret city surrounded by numerous military units does not have a future anymore. It is abandoned forever…

>> Top Secret Underground Object <<
Not so far from Anadyr, Russia, there is an abandoned military city, Anadyr-1 (Gudym). Nearby is a top secret military facility – an underground self-contained base for nuclear ammunition storage. Its galleries are kilometers long, they are fully protected from nuclear attacks. Cargo transportation was performed by electric cars going along the light railway. The facility had two main entrances and several disguised ones.
Facility ”S” was built in full secrecy in 1958. In 1986 all nuclear weapons were taken away from the base, after that it was used as a storage base of an Anadyr military garrison. In 2002 it was abandoned by all the military. According to some sources the base kept captured archives of the nazi organization, Ahnenerbe.

Re: Bilderserie | Verlassener Militärstützpunkt in Tschukotk

Verfasst: Montag 21. Juli 2014, 01:30
von Saboteur

Re: Bilderserie | Verlassener Militärstützpunkt in Tschukotk

Verfasst: Dienstag 22. Juli 2014, 11:18
von bella_b33
Sehr interessant. Dankeschön!